Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Animal on Edge- NaPoWriMo Poem 2

This here is a charming little story about what a panic attack feels like. Kudos to Emma Fox for suggesting a grand title.

I am little more
Than an animal
Curled up and sobbing
Sobbing on the floor.

I am little less
      Than a human
               Injured and howling
                             Howling at the mess

 Of things that are not
                                                 Of thoughts that are begot
                                      Of things.


                                                             Sometimes the quiet is far
                                   And the pain is now
                  The wounds won't scar
                                                                               To numb the crowd.

                 Then instinct takes charge
                                                                                And I froth and spit
          At a world too large
                                                                                        With no place to sit.

                                             No air, No lungs, No breath
                                             Tis then, I am an Animal on Edge.

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