Friday, 5 September 2014

Furiously in Love

I have been
Too long
Too furiously
In love.
I know all
Too intimately
About the
Intricate furies
Of throats
Rubbed raw
From screaming
Furious love.
I know
Too well
The shatters
Of crockery
Flung every which where,
With furious love.
I know all about
Picking up the shards
And thrusting them
In vulnerabilities
With furious love.
I have been party
To a furious love affair
For one and twenty years
With a compelling woman.
I called her mother
And said
'I hate you, I hate you,
I hate you.
But I love you more.
I miss who you were
And I'll miss you are
But always,
I have furiously loved you.'
So the fire of love
Isn't a novelty
To me anymore.
The complexity
Of twinned emotions
Is my inheritance
From this love affair.
So when I fall
In 'love'.
The falling
On your knees
Kind of love,
I hope
It happens
Gently, softly, quietly.
I hope
I fall in love,
Like we were
Looking the other way
And love crept up
On us,
Like winter.
I hope for love
Like a quiet meditation.
A barely there
Almost invisible,
At the periphery,
Quiet love.
Because I have been
Too long
Too furiously
 Been in love
And you can
Only love like that
Thank God.

Saturday, 12 July 2014


If I had to pick
And I do so hate to choose,
What defines us more –
Songs or Cars,
I’d have to say songs.
Though cars hold
A whole heap
Of memories too.
Remember when…?
Yeah, I thought as much.
Yesterday you said
My life was riddled with clichés
Or words to that effect.
I could hear the laughter in your voice
As always,
I had to agree.
So this is rather a clichéd poem and all.
But be grateful you are getting one
(I am rather broke, so this will have to do)
Songs are how I knew you first
No, not music
Though I know that is more accurate.
But you are always, forever going to be
A mosaic –a fucked up, taunting, irritating mosaic
Of all the songs you made me listen to.
Long ago
When I didn’t recognize the chick in the mirror
I see these days
Those songs painted a picture of her.
Even that messed up Bon Jovi number.
And it is rather unfortunate
That a large part of my library
Is built by all the songs you threw at me.
It means I have shit taste in music
And need to be spoon fed good songs.
And yes, you are right once more.
So I would have liked to says cars –
Innumerable journeys in cars
Even going so very fast
On that highway
So I would cheer up
Even that
Can’t define us
As much songs do.
Because all those times
I sat and fiddled with music system
And played the most clichéd songs
(Like that sad, sad number by Muse,
God, was I a sad teenager)
As we drove through a city
That I learnt to love
(Well, a little bit)
It was the songs
That made the car journeys.
And it was you
That made all those songs.
Yesterday you were in a silly mood
And sent me the creepiest song lyrics
Suckers, you big baby.
I am counting that creepy song
As part of your mosaic too.
What, you have a problem?
You told me I always get what I want.
(See that is a clever insertion of a song lyric,-
I wanted to clarify for your Engineering brain)
So it is with songs
That I always think of you.
Yes, including Soft Kitty.
And Sherlock themes
And that really depressing
Bollywood song.
You know the one.
It’s bloody lucky
There are so many
Songs out there,
Or else,
How would I remember you?

Monday, 30 June 2014

I am Looking for a Girl

I am looking for a girl
On a train.
There isn’t anything special about her
There isn’t anything I can tell you about her
Except that
She smiles an awful lot.
She should be on this train.
She should be sitting on the window seat
And staring at fields of glimmering darkness
And she should be smiling
An awful lot.
I know her very well
You could say,
We grew up together.
I know her of old.
I am looking for a girl
On a train.
She could be sitting at the doors
She could have smiled them open
She could be sitting at open doors
And feeling the heavy wet wind on her face
She could be smiling at the glimmering darkness
And thinking about jumping out
To see if she could fly
I am looking for a girl
On a train.
She’ll be listening to music
Turned up all the way
And she might ignore you
Smiling all the while.
She’ll care less than I do
But will love more than I can
She’ll laugh less than I do
But will dance more than I can
She’ll have seen less than me
But will fly further than I can
She’ll have done less than me
But will do more than I can
And you’ll know her from me
Because she smiles more than me
An awful lot more.
I am looking for a girl
On a train.  

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spring Adventures

I wish I could
The day
Spring came
But the Scottish Spring
Is capricious like that.
I don't know
If it came
In the sudden
Bloom of
Yellow flowers
Or the glory
Of pink trees.
Or the sharp rain
That tasted better
When shared
On your
Laughing lips.
Spring has always
Been rather dangerous.
It calls for
Cheeky grins
And adventures.
Spring springs
Deeply into
And I am
Running away
The sweet, sibilant
Sounds of spring.
This spring
I didn't run.
I stayed.
Oh boy, I stayed.
And let adventure
Kiss me
On my doorstep.
Spring laughed
At my springing heart
And bluffed
Sunshine my way.
I didn't run.
I stayed.
This spring, I stayed
And let
Spring Adventures come my way.

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Cliches are so,
For a reason .
And really, babe
When the light
Catches you right
You shine
Are sublime
Like a,
What shall we call it?
Like a,
So that's a cliche
Yes or no?
Castle tops
Are cliches too.
Let's do it anyway
Or maybe
Because of it
Rain is cliche
But this was
A mere drizzle.
Tree list
A bit much
To the left
Lean up
Against them,
Just so.
That's cliche
But it's
The kind
I'm awfully
Partial too.
Cliches come
Riding down
In hordes
And one cliche
That's all about
How we crash and burn.
Let's shred that one
To tiny bits
And kiss
On the remains.
In a very
Sort of a way.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


You've got me spoiled,
Far too much.
Days and days
Of waking
All of that,
To your
Pretty, pretty face
And your
Dancing, dancing eyes.
Tis getting a bit difficult
To kick Morpheus away
Without you
As my personal alarm clock.
Everyone else gets seduced
Into my bed
And the land of sleep
Or just ups and leaves.
You are the singular
That stayed,
On my couch.
Out of bed.
You are sitting,
Creeping subtly
Into my brain,
Telling me,
I must
'Seize the day'
Flinging open
The weather today.
You are all about the
I am all about the
And between the tewo
I arise
All because
Of your smiling/scowling face
And try
To seize the day. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Moon over Scotland(Sentinel Remix)- NaPoWriMo8

It's gotten late,
Very late.
The bus emptied
The further North
We got.
We left some idiots
In Newcastle
(It was pretty
In itself, though).
We left the idiots
And grabbed
The front seats.
So now,
It's gotten late,
Very late.
You are sleeping
Curled in on yourself,
Across the aisle
From me.
She is asleep
Curled in, on my shoulder.
We crossed into
The Scottish border
A moment past
The board said,
Welcome to Scotland
And it felt like,
The grit of the night
Has been rubbed off
By the light
Of the moon over Scotland.
This a late night
Sentinel watch. 
And for once
My heart is
Tender enough
To want to protect
You both
From everything.
This is a Sentinel watch
Just me
And the moon over Scotland.
That is company enough
Sitting at the front of this bus
My heart is
Tender enough
To promise
Anything, Everything
On this Sentinel watch.
Just two sleepers
A watcher
And the moon over Scotland.